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Online Virtual Typing Keyboard

Best Online Typing Keyboard to Type Easily in Any Language

Typing keyboard is one of the best online virtual keyboards that are both quick and accurate. You can start typing instantly in any language you want. The letters and characters of the selected language will appear on the on-screen keyboard and correspond accurately to the keys of your actual keyboard.
You can also type directly on the screen if your laptop is touch-enabled or by using mouse clicks. You can edit the text in the textbox, paste material from an external source, copy the finished text or download it in text format.
A highly efficient and easy-to-use tool that can help you type any language you want. Typing Keyboard is integrated with the 85 most popular languages of the world.
Even if the language layout is not available on your actual keyboard, the keys will accurately correspond with the on-screen keyboard and text box.

How to Use Virtual Keyboard?

Using Typing Keyboard is extremely simple. Just click on the text box and start typing. You can type through your actual keyboard or through the on-screen keyboard. You can select any language you want. We have a diverse range of languages from all around the world.
You can paste any outside text directly into the text box by using right-click from your mouse or shortcut command.
There are 4 special buttons located at the bottom of the text box.
The Copy button allows you to copy the text, once you have finished typing.
The Download button allows you to download the typed text in a .txt file.
The X or Cancel button will clear the text box immediately.
The Microphone button will allow you to transcribe the verbal speech into text.

Why Use Virtual Typing Keyboards

First of all, we have the most diverse range of languages available, which includes the local languages, historic languages, and lesser-known languages limited to specific areas.
Not only you will be able to type in these languages accurately and quickly, but also you will be able to transcribe them using our built-in voice recognition feature. Just activate it by clicking on the microphone icon.
Our transcription tool is highly advanced and works with all kinds of languages, including various dialects and accents. The transcription will be accurate for every word of the speech.
Best part? You don’t have to download any software or plug-ins. You can use the virtual keyboard directly on the webpage and completely free.
Access to all features and languages is free of cost.